Featured Vet: Dr. Nielsen Donato

December 25, 2016



Doc Nielsen is Vets In Practice’s Chief Surgeon specializing in soft-tissue and orthopedic surgery and is also our Avian and Exotic Animal Medicine specialist. Doc Nielsen also co-hosts "Born To Be Wild” on GMA-7, where he lives out his passion for wildlife advocacy.


He graduated from De La Salle Araneta University and had his training in Singapore’s Mount Pleasant Animal Hospital for several years. Presently, he does consultancies with numerous zoos, heads several wildlife organizations such as the Feathered Friends Foundation and, head and maintains Laguna Wildlife Park & Rescue Center in Pansol.


Read along to learn more about this week’s featured vet.


VIP: How did you get started as a veterinarian?

Doc Nielsen: [It was] in born. As early as four years old, I wanted to be a vet.


VIP: Was this your dream job? DN: Yes.VIP: What does your work entail?

DN: Gives me the opportunity to take care of all sorts of animals from domestic to exotic.


VIP: What do you like about what you do? DN: It excites me to work with animals especially if I encounter different cases.VIP: What do you dislike?

DN: When cases are beyond our treatment.


VIP: What do you consider as perks to this career?

DN: Getting to take care of animals [and] save lives.


VIP: What education or skills are needed to do be a veterinarian?

DN: Finish 6 years of college, [and the] skills will come in later.


VIP: What is most challenging about what you do?

DN: To diagnose the disease in each case, and be able to relay the problem to their owners accurately and more efficiently. For them to have an understanding of how to take care of their pets.


VIP: What advice would you offer someone considering this career?

DN: If you want to work with animals, volunteer in different facilities like vet hospitals and animal shelters.


VIP: How much time off do you get/take?

DN: Ideally once a week. But, that doesn’t happen if you are in the medical field and if you are an on-call vet.


VIP: What is a common misconception people have about what you do?

DN: [That] being a vet can make you a millionaire, but, actually, we do more charity cases because there is so much help that we need to do for the animals.


VIP: What are your goals/dreams for the future regarding animal health care here in the Philippines? What about for Vets In Practice?

DN: Our goals for animal healthcare is already half way compared [to] 20 years ago. We must have to improve our skills and our equipment to do better continuously.


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